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23+ Ultimate WordPress Social Widgets

Social networks are backbone of any website traffic. They are great resources to increase your website traffic exponentially. If you are looking for ultimate WordPress social widgets that boost your subscriber list, then this article is for you. These resources are collected from WordPress plugin repository and Codecanyon.

These items are collected based on there popularity and i am sure you will like these set of social widgets.

Free WordPress Plugins

Here we first start with free social media WordPress widgets. There are free open source plugins from WordPress repository and all are different from one another. They all are free to use and no restriction on usage of these plugins.

1. TentBlogger Social Widget

TentBlogger Social is a clean, simple and fast loading Tabbed social widget. You can consolidate Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds informations in one widgetized location.

Social Widget

Drag TentBlogger social widget to your widgetized sidebar or footer. Fill twitter, RSS username and Facebook Badge code to setup slick social widget and your social widget is ready!

Social Widget User interface

2. Social Media Tabs

Social Media Tabs is very similar to TentBlogger Social Widget but it has options to add even many social media content into widgetized area or set to slide from browser sidebar.

Social Media Tabs Widget

Pull the widget into widgetized sidebar area and set the options. Location of the widget appearing on your site can be easily set from widget option area.

Social Media Tabs in Action

3. WP MashSocial Wigdet

WP MashSocial Widget is beautiful social widget similar to the one at Mashable. You can setup and add your G+ , Twitter , Facebook and RSS Feeds to it.

WP MashSocial Widget

Place the widget into your widgetized sidebar or footer area, set basic options from widget control area and you are done.

Social Mashwidget WordPress

4. Social Crowd

Want to showcase your Followers/Fans from popular social network? Social Crowd plugin will do the work for you. It grabs the total number of friends or followers from your popular social network and display them in widgetzied area.

Social Crowd WordPress Social Widget

Supported networks are Facebook Google+, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, Vimeo, Feedburner. You can setup them easily via plugin option page and pull Social Crowd widget to your sidebar! You are done.

Social Crowd Widget Output

5. Slick Social Share Buttons

With this Slick Social Share Buttons Widget you can easily add facebook, twitter, google+1, linkedin, digg, delicious, reddit, buffer, stumbleupon and pinterest social media buttons anywhere in your website

Slick Social Share Buttons Widget

Buttons can be a floating or sliding which you can set in plugin option page. Admin dashboard also shows statistics of each posts associated with social network.

Slick Sliding Social Buttons Widget

6. Share This

Share This plugin allowed the users or visitors to share your content through email and popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

Share This WordPress Plugin

It has over 50+ social network to choose from. You can customize easily Share This widget on your website and register with Share This to get enhanced analytic’s for your website.

Social Share This Plugin

7. InsiteBar

InsiteBar is more then just a social WordPress plugin. Choose from over 1000+ social application or add your own application onto the bar.

InsiteBar Social WordPress Plugin

InsiteBar is compatible with Mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, Android and many more.

8. GetSocial

GetSocial is yet another lightweight and slick floating social media widget for your website. Supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+1, Buffer, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg and many more.

GetSocial WordPress Widget

9. Sharebar

Sharebar is more or less similar to GetSocial which adds dynamic vertical and horizontal floating social sharing icons to left side of your post.

Sharebar social media widget wordpress plugin

10. SimpleReach Slide

SimpleReach Slide is not an social widget exactly but it shows RECOMMENDED or RELATED posts with social media buttons placed in the website footer. It helps you to increase your pageviews and follower counts on social network.

SimpleReach Slide WordPress Plugin

11. Follow Me

Follow Me Social WordPress widget adds popup enabled button to your website sidebar.

Follow Me Sidebar Button

When user clicks on the button, popup window will show popular social buttons with the profile links.

Follow Me Social Widget

12. Most Shared Posts

Most Shared Post widget displays most popular post shared across popular social network in your widgetized sidebar. It checks Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets, Google +1s and displays the popular post with sorted counts in your website sidebar aswell as in plugin panel.

Most shared Post Widget

13. AddThis

AddThis social widget allows your visitors to share and bookmark your website content easily across 330+ popular social networks.

addthis social widget for wordpress

Also register with AddThis to track the statistics of your website content in social network, how visitors are sharing the content and which social network is most used for sharing.

AddThis Widget Statistics

Premium WordPress Plugins

Here we will see some of the popular social media premium WordPress plugins across the globe. Premium plugins will have many features and more easy to customize compared to free version.

14. Social Network Tabs

Social Network Tabs WordPress is a premium version of Social Media Tabs. Uses AJAX to fast loading of social network feeds. Add your social profile and feed details into slick slide out tabs or static tabs easily using widget option panel.

Social Network Tabs WordPress Widget

Features are as below:

  • Fast Loading Tabs via AJAX
  • Widget options to display either slide out tabs or static tabs
  • Ordering of Tabs using Drag and Drop UI
  • Enable or Disable Widget using Custom Fields
  • Add profile details and Tabs from Plugin option page, shortcodes and custom fields
  • 13 Social Network and 30 Feeds to Choose from
  • PSD file and Documentation included
  • and many more…

15. Top Social Share Posts

Top Social Share Posts is a premium WordPress widget to display the post popularity and follower counts from Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Linkedin, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest and more. You have a option to display the posts with share counts as a jQuery accordion, Carousel widget or a slider showing top post by social media network.

Top Social Share Posts

Features are as below:

  • Supports 9 Popular Social Networks
  • Includes Top Shared, Total Shared and built-in jQuery Accordion Custom Widget
  • Includes Custom Post Types
  • Plugin Admin Page with Social Statistics
  • Plugin Documentation included
  • and many more…

16. SocialPop

SocialPop premium plugin for wordpress helps you to add social sharing buttons to content of your post and pages. You can also insert social media buttons wherever you like using template tag, custom widget and shortcodes.

SocialPop social media wordpress plugin

Features are as below:

  • Supports 27+ Social Media Networks
  • Includes support
  • Includes Custom Widget, Template Tags and Shortcodes
  • Easy to use Plugin Option Page
  • Plugin Documentation included
  • and many more…

17. Sticklr WP

Sticklr is a sticky sidebar panel premium WordPress similar to what you see in all Envato Marketplace websites. You can add social sharing buttons, site switcher, search box, form, calender and many more to sticklr widget area.

Sticklr WordPress Social Plugin

Features are as below:

  • Sticky to Left or Right Sidebar
  • Works without JS (CSS Fallback)
  • Fixed Position
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Plugin Documentation included
  • and many more…

18. Simple Share

Simple Share is a premium social share WordPress widget that adds floating social share buttons to your sidebar, which allows your reader to share your content across popular social networks.

Simple Share WordPress Plugin

Features are as below:

  • Support 8 Social Sharing Buttons
  • Easy to Use Plugin Option Page
  • Complete Positioning and Styling Control
  • jQuery Enhanced Tool Tip
  • Plugin Documentation included
  • and many more…

19. SocialBox

SocialBox is a premium WordPress widget which enables you to add social widget to your website widgetized sidebar and footer. It displays current Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, Dribbble, Digg Followers, YouTube and Feed Subscriptions.

SocialBox a premium social wordpress widget

Features are as below:

  • Support 8+ Popular Social Networks
  • Easy to Use Plugin Option Page
  • Disable any network from the widget to fit your need
  • Compatible with All Major Browsers
  • Plugin Documentation included
  • Localization ready and many more…

20. Advanced Social Widget

This plugin is very similar to MashSocial Widget which adds advanced social and subscription widget to your sidebar. It support popular social media includes Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Google +1 and FeedBurner Email Subscription.

Advanced Social WordPress Widget

Features are as below:

  • Support Many Popular Social Networks
  • Advanced Plugin Option Page
  • Option to open links in same window or new window
  • Compatible with All Major Browsers
  • Plugin Documentation included
  • Inherits CSS styles from the current activated theme (fonts and colors) and many more…

21. Social Counters & Ranking

This plugin enables you to display social counts across popular social networks and even page rank from Google, Alex etc.

Social Counters and Ranking

Features are as below:

  • Displays Alexa Rank and Google PageRank
  • Feed Subscription Box
  • Enable or Disable any of the network from Widget Area
  • Compatible with All Major Browsers
  • Plugin Documentation included
  • Customize Widget Area Easily using Widget Option and Plugin Page

22. Social Auth

Social Auth is a premium WordPress plugin which enables for your visitors and reader to Sign-In to website using popular social credentials.

User Sign -In Social Authorization WordPress Widget

Features are as below:

  • Easy Plugin Option Page
  • Log-In Option using Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Linkedin
  • Enable or Disable Login Button
  • Compatible with All Major Browsers
  • Plugin Documentation included
  • Includes Custom Widget

23. Socials Bytes

Social Bytes is a premium WordPress widget which displays social sharing counts in your widgetized area. There are 6 pre-defined layout to choose from.

Social Bytes

Features are as below:

  • 6 pre-defined Layouts
  • Includes Custom Widget and Shortcode
  • Support 12 Popular Social Networks
  • Compatible with All Major Browsers
  • Full Documentation included
  • Includes Shortcode Generator Page


These are the social widgets/plugins which i like the most. Please post your comment if any plugins are missed from this list and they are really good. Subscribe to our feed to get latest articles directly into your email box. Happy Blogging!

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